From Farm to Table- THE SAME DAY!
August 27, 2018 at 9:58am

It’s early morning… the sun isn’t up yet. But this quiet morning is met with the dozens of Harward Farms hands. Each person picking only the most ripe, fresh, and delicious food for you. This same scene plays out day after day. That is why Harward Farms can’t be beat!



From the time we started, over 30 years ago we have been committed to only giving you the best. And we work hard to ensure that will always stay the same. Thats why the journey starts each morning with only the best produce. We pick it with your family and well being in mind!


We are a family farm focused on quality, not quantity. We work everyday to get you quality, but sometimes one or two ears of corn will slid through our radar. But we will always replace your bad produce at no additional charge! Though this is a rarity, you can rest assured you are taken care of. We value you and want to show it.


After the produce is picked, it is shipped fresh each day to the green corn stand nearest to you. When it arrives each morning, it has only been picked for several hours meaning more enzymes, phytonutrients, and vitamins are in tact. Your food can be in your belly with a few hours of being picked vs. a few days or even weeks at the grocery store!! That is the Harward Farms way.We have confidence that each piece of fruit or vegetable is high quality and ready for your dinner that night.

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