Harward Farms is a respected and trusted name in the agricultural industry.

Lenard Harward began farming in Springville, Utah, growing crops and feeding beef cattle in 1945. Today, Lenard’s son, Jud Harward, and his 2 sons, Lenny and Jake, have expanded the family operation into a large diversified agri-business that covers these divisions:

  • Hay Production and Marketing – Operated by Jud
  • Straw Mulching for Forest Fire Reclamation –  Operated by Jud
  • Fresh Vegetables & Produce and Road Side Stands –  Operated by Jake
  • Jaker’s Jack-O-Lanterns – Operated by Jake
  • Agricultural Fertilizers – Operated by Jake
  • Agri-Spraying – Operated by Lenny
  • High Moisture Corn Milling – Operated by Jud  and Lenny
  • DeKalb Seeds – Operated by Lenny

We’re proud to be a part of the leaders in American Agriculture, feeding the growing needs of the people and livestock.

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