Harward Farms was established in 1945 by Lenard and Hortense Harward in the west fields of Springville, Utah. Through hard work, they had a successful farm raising beef cattle and growing feed.

In 1985, their son, Jud, decided to help his children raise money for a much-desired ATV. They planted three acres of sweet corn, harvested it early each morning, and sold it from the bed of their 1934 Ford pickup truck.

When Lenard passed away in 1988, Jud and his wife, Marsha, moved to his parent’s farm and built a home, where they would raise their family and run the farm.  Within 15 years, their family worked together to grow and expand the sweet corn farm into 80 acres and eight roadside corn stands. By 2002, Harward Farms had multiple farming enterprises including growing sweet corn, vegetables and melon, growing hay and grain, an agri-spray business, and raising beef cattle.  The farming was in addition to Jud’s appraisal business and Marsha’s quilting supply store affectionately named “The Corn Wagon Quilt Shop.”

Jud and Marsha’s sons, Jake and Lenny, decided to build their careers from the farm – dividing the farm into separate ownerships. Jud operated the beef cattle, hay and grain; Lenny continued the agri-spray business; and Jake pursued the expansion of growing produce and roadside corn stands.

Today, Harward Farms has more than 2,000 acres of crop production: Bales-R-Us / Hay-4-U, producing hay and grain essentially marketed to feedlots and export; Double O Custom Agri-Spraying, a service that helps other growers with crop protection throughout Utah county and central Utah; Harward Farms Sweet Corn, Inc., growing and selling famous sweet corn, watermelon, tomatoes and more at 25 roadside stands and local grocery stores. Harward Farms Sweet Corn, Inc. also produces 150 acres of pumpkins, selling to national retailers and through Jaker’s Jack-O-Lanterns, a popular pumpkin patch, which operates annually in October.

Harward Farms’ mission is: “We are committed to growing high quality, fresh, local products from the fertile fields of Springville, Utah.  Since 1985, our passion is for good farming, delicious, fresh, wholesome food, and family fun.”