Farm Field Days at Our Farm
January 25, 2012 at 11:43am

This is Jake talking to the kids at our farm during Farm Field Days in April.  We have been hosting Farm Field Days for second graders at our farm since 2002.  Farm Field Days is sponsored by the Farm Bureau and allows children to see how a farm works and to learn about different things in agriculture.  There are different stations that the kids go too. They start by seeing a sheep be sheared and then split up and go to stations about sheep growers, beef growers, pork growers, bee farmers, a petting zoo, mink growers, hand sanitation, dairy farms, chicken farms, farm  safety, etc.  It allows children that think all their food comes from a grocery store to learn where their food really comes from.  We love being a part of it and appreciate all the Utah County Farm Bureau does to organize it.

Making Living Necklaces at one of the stations!

Terry Tomato telling us about plants.

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